Alissa Cohen

Kids and Families - Adults

Meet Alissa

At Green Leaf, Alissa works with clients of all ages. She works with children, teens, and adults to address depression, anxiety, ADHD/executive functioning challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other school-based challenges such as difficult social relationships and bullying. Alissa is particularly skilled at helping kids and teens manage big emotions and address self-harm behaviors. Alissa works with parents to give them the tools to respond to their kids' big emotions and develop healthy relationships throughout the whole family. Alissa has a specialty focus in helping clients of all ages move through traumatic events and giving them the tools they need to cope. Her work draws from interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-focused therapies and Motivational Interviewing. Alissa is supervised by a fellow Green Leaf clinicians, Sandra Concannon, LMFT #52807 and Tara Meunier, LMFT #115873.

Alissa Cohen, M.A, Ed.S, PPS

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

CA License 8028

Licensed School Psychologist


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I highly value when my clients are able to identify their strengths as well as come to a place where they are accepting and proud of where they have been or what they have gone through and where they are now.