Candace Selover

Kids and Families - Adults - Couples

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Candace Selover, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License PSY 27942

Meet Candace

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For the past 20 years, Candace has been working with kids, individual adults, and couples and families. Candace is passionate about her work with children and families. Her broad skill set affords her the flexibility to structure therapy to best fit the needs of the client. Candace will work with your family to determine whether an individual, couples, or family approach would best suit your needs.

In addition to her work with kids and families, Candace also works with adults treating mood and anxiety disorders, including OCD. She works with adults to identify their goals and values, then together, they collaborate to achieve the client's goals.

Candace's broad clinical experiences have given her advanced training in multiple areas of specialty. She has an extensive history working with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities in both children and adults. She also has acute knowledge of gender identity and transition.

Given her breadth of knowledge she is able to tailor the therapy experience to the unique needs of each of her clients. Candace's work draws heavily from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). She also integrates positive psychology, art and mindfulness into her clinical practice.

Candace has a specialty focus working with athletes in the area of Sports Psychology. She draws from her own experiences as a competitive gymnast and has a deep understanding of the culture and personal challenges associated with a competitive athletic environment. She uses mind-body interventions to identify defeating beliefs, anxiety, and optimize performance.

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I enjoy seeing clients supersede their own expectations for self-growth and treatment. Psychology is about seeing people develop far beyond what they thought they could, seeing the enhancement in self-relations and how that expands to other relationships, and watching clients experience and feel aspects that make their life worth living. Helping clients learn to foster happiness, well-being, positivity, and creating the foundation for a healthier life is an art I believe people are capable of and sometimes just need a little support to achieve. - Candace