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Dena Zingales

Kids & Families - Adults
(Virtual Only)

Dena Zingales, M.Ed.

Educational Therapist

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Meet Dena

Dena is passionate about helping struggling learners! At Green Leaf she provides 1:1 educational therapy services for both kids and adults. She works with individuals to develop strategies, customized for their individual needs, in order to make learning more accessible. She has a love for reading and writing and seeks to develop these interests in her students. Dena's interventions are tailored for the individual and draw from various Orton-Gillingham approaches. 


Dena has been in the field of education for over 20 years! She started her career teaching both general education and special education before finding her passion of educational therapy. 

"Executive functioning skills are often expected, but not taught- I love giving clients systematic approaches to help them feel successful while giving them agency." -Dena

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