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Educational Therapy

What is Educational Therapy?

At Green Leaf we are committed to providing wrap-around care to help our clients achieve academic and occupational success. Educational Therapy is an important part of this equation. Educational Therapy is 1:1 support that teaches learners how to learn. Unlike traditional tutoring that provides 1:1 instruction on a specific content area, like math or science, Educational Therapy takes into account the individual needs and thinking style of the learner, and then customizes strategies or approaches to learning. Educational therapy uses a holistic  approach to address learning differences and reorganize thinking patterns. By learning how to learn, the individual is able to build confidence in their own abilities and become more effective in their classroom or workplace setting.

Math Tutoring

Treatment Targets:

  • Organizational Strategies

  • Approaches to Reading

  • Time Management

  • Attention and Focus

  • Self-control

  • Project management skills

We work with:

* Dyslexia


* Autism Spectrum Disorder

* Anxiety

* Learning Disabilities

* Reading Development

* Executive Functioning Deficits

* 2E

Online Education

One-on-One Lessons

Providing one-on-one therapeutic tutoring sessions maximizes student attention and focus. It allows for creative, tailored lessons and support, and is a necessary setting to target specific learning goals. Therapists teach certain skills within meaningful contexts for the student whether it's for math, reading, handwriting, study skills, or executive functioning. 

Teacher and Student

Coordination with School 

If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, interpreting a 504 plan, an Individualized Educational Plan, or a Learning Plan can be overwhelming. We are here to help and support you. We provide guidance and advocate services through legally required meetings and day-to-day emails to educators so that you can maintain good relationships with your child's teachers and navigate the complexities of educational law and services. An educational therapist will help you navigate while empowering students to be their own best advocates.

One-On-One Tutoring

Meet our Educational Therapist

Z_Fam 4.jpeg

Dena Zingales

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