Hayley Beckett

Kids & Families - Adults

Hayley Beckett

Associate Clinical Social Worker

CA License 100560


Meet Hayley

Hayley is highly experienced with helping  young children and their families move through difficult circumstances. At Green Leaf, Hayley works with both children and adults, with a specialty focus in early childhood. Hayley works with the whole family by helping parents learn how to respond to their children's big emotions and difficult behaviors in a healthy and productive way. She works directly with kids to help them understand and manage their feelings and address anxiety, sadness, and anger. Hayley is also is skilled in treating the effects of trauma and phobias in children and adults. 

In addition to her work with children and families, Hayley also works with adults and couples to address a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, life transitions, and sexual dysfunction. Hayley has a specialty focus in perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety. 

Hayley practices evidence-based interventions including CBT,  ERP, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and mindfulness. In her work with pediatrics, Hayley draws from trauma-informed play therapy, and PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy). Hayley is supervised by fellow Green Leaf clinician, Sandra Concannon, LMFT 52807.

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I am passionate about helping children, adults and families to create and maintain lasting relationships that they can turn to when life gets hard. I believe deeply in the power of human connection, within and beyond the therapeutic relationship, and bring a deeply held respect for the strength and resilience of each client to each session. Helping children and adults work through traumatic events and fears, connect and communicate effectively, and find and cultivate their own inner strength drives me in this work. -Hayley 

Consistent with our clinic-wide values, Hayley strives to be inclusive and nonjudgmental in her clinical work and deeply values all identities. She is proficient in helping LGBTQ+ youth, adults and their families.