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Laura Hernandez

Kids and Families - Adults

Laura Hernandez, M.A.

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
CA License #110907 


Meet Laura

Laura enjoys working with clients of all ages. She specializes in supporting school-aged youth with managing anxiety, depression, and emotional dysregulation. Laura is skilled in helping clients create better focus and attention skills, as well as aiding in the development of their self esteem and social skills. She is highly experienced in treating self-harm, trauma, and family dysfunction. With adults, Laura supports parents in building better relationships with their children, as well as, navigating challenges, and difficult family transitions. Laura prioritizes creating a space of safety from the beginning, so clients feel secure and supported in taking their own steps toward progress. Laura’s clinical work draws heavily from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She also practices evidence-based interventions including Zones of Regulation, SPACE, and Coping Cat with her younger clients. Laura is supervised by fellow Green Leaf clinicians, Sandra Concannon (LMFT #52807). and Swasti Cohn (LMFT #106668). 

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I really love getting to the point in therapy where rapport has been built and clients feel comfortable with diving deeper into therapy. It is really awesome watching clients build confidence in their own ability to make changes in their life. -Laura

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