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Madison genovese

Kids and Families - Adults

Madison Genovese, M.A.

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
CA License #12034 


Meet Madison

At Green Leaf, Madison works with kids, teens, and adults to help them move through depression and anxiety disorders. Madison uses creativity and mindfulness to encourage better coping and emotional-regulation skills in both kids and adults. She helps her younger clients process big emotions like anger, sadness, grief, and anxiety while also working collaboratively with parents to teach how to respond to their child’s emotional experiences in the home. Madison also specializes in helping clients of all ages cope with past trauma and adjust to major changes in their environment. 

She is highly experienced in allowing clients to explore their gender identities and sexuality in a safe-space. Madison's therapeutic approach draws from the core principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Solution-Focused therapy. Her techniques also integrate elements of play therapy, feminism approach, and CBT-based art and music therapy. Creating a therapeutic alliance through empathetic and non-judgmental listening is essential to Madison's work with her clients. 
Madison  is supervised by fellow Green Leaf clinician, Sandra Concannon, LMFT #52807

I am passionate about seeing my clients gain confidence, realizing and continuing their passions, overcoming personal anxiety and strengthening relationships with family and friends. 


Madison is particularly drawn to her work with young adults. She assists these clients in their transition to adulthood by developing independence and life skills. She is experienced in helping college students manage school-related stress and anxiety by helping students create structure and routine in their day-to-day lives while learning new coping skills. 

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