Maria Gregory

Assessments - Kids and Families

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Maria Gregory, M.S.

Licensed Educational Psychologist

CA License LEP 3770


Meet Maria

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For the past 7 years, Maria has been helping children and young adults learn and grow in both school and private practice settings. Maria provides both assessment and therapy services for goals related in improved performance and functioning in the classroom. Her work focuses on challenges related to ADHD, anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and self-regulation difficulties. Her interventions draw heavily from CBT. She helps her clients develop stress and anxiety management techniques and she is particularly skilled at helping children develop social cognition and social skills.

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I love helping families and educators understand how learning differences show up in the classroom and at home. I like teaching the adults of learning atypical children how to celebrate the child’s strengths and support the child’s weaknesses. I like helping families navigate the IEP world. - Maria