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Mirit Friedland

Assessments-Kids and Families

Mirit Friedland, M.A.

Licensed Educational Psychologist 
CA License LEP 3825

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Meet Mirit

Mirit is a highly skilled educational psychologist and valuable member of Green Leaf's assessment team. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she has provided assessments for kids and teens with a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders and learning profiles. Mirit is particularly knowledgeable in assessments and interventions for children with attentional, executive functioning, and social communication challenges related to ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mirit has worked closely with specialists from a variety of fields including behavioral pediatricians, clinical psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and educational specialists, which allows her to understand and take into consideration the child's abilities from multiple lenses. Mirit is skilled at collaborating with families, teachers/administrators, and counselors during the assessment process as well as providing clear feedback for the child's needs during IEP meetings. She has a strength and passion for helping children identify their learning profiles, including their gifts and superpowers to help them gain confidence, develop coping skills and reach their full potential! 

Mirit's psychoeducational evaluations include standardized cognitive, neuropsych, Autism and social-emotional measures. She integrates play-based and cognitive behavioral approaches into her work with clients.

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I am passionate about bilingualism, multilangualism, and working with multicultural clients. I speak several languages (Hebrew, Spanish, French) to different degrees and really enjoy hearing and communicating using them! -Mirit

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