Robin Criner

 Adults - Couples

Robin Criner, M.A.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

CA License 16579

Meet Robin

Robin has been working in the field for over 25 years. She works with adults, both individually and as couples. In addition to treating mood and anxiety disorders, Robin has a specialty focus in behavioral health - the integration of mental and physical health. She works with clients to help them adjust to physical changes in their bodies due to age or medical conditions and helps clients work through the emotional aspects of their medical conditions. Robin’s work with couples and families focuses on helping couples work together to address challenges in their relationships and/or successfully navigate the divorce/separation process. Robin’s work draws heavily from Cognitive Behavioral and solution-focused therapies as well as Motivational Interviewing and mindfulness techniques.

Life has many challenges and my goals is to provide a safe, compassionate environment where adults, couples, seniors, and those in life transition can express themselves and, as a result, grow and obtain self-awareness and skills to meet challenges with confidence. - Robin

302 Village Square

Orinda, CA 94563

(925) 386-6037

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