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Testing gives us important answers that aid in our understanding, help plan next steps, and build communication between providers. Delays in these services can prolong interventions that can be important to you or your child's educational or occupational next steps. We're pleased to be able to help you find the answers you're looking for while also protecting your health and safety!

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Psychoeducational Testing

When a child is struggling to perform their best at school, psychoeducational testing can help us understand where the barriers to learning are. Psychoeducational testing assesses many different areas, and gives us a road map to see where your child is excelling and struggling. By isolating the troublespots we can make a plan to help! We can utilize the child's strengths to aid in learning. All testing comes with custom recommendations, addressing your child's needs, ready to fit in a home and classroom setting!  

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We Assess: 

  • Cognitive functioning

  • Social-Emotional wellbeing

  • Academic Achievement

  • Memory

  • Executive functioning skills

    • Attention

    • Processing Speed

    • Impulse control


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a condition that has been highly debated. With all these questions, how we diagnosis ADHD becomes even more important. Green Leaf clinicians are highly qualified professionals that specialize in ADHD. At Green Leaf we don't just use questionnaires, we have a comprehensive group of tests to assess multiple domains. Most importantly, computer-based, objective measures. We draw conclusions from looking across all of these sources of data. 

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Educational Consultations


Not sure where to start? Have a tough question? An educational consultation may be the right next step for you! One of our Educational Psychologists will sit down with you, learn about what's been going on and what your concerns are, and review any past materials. She will make recommendations for next steps and help you formulate a plan. 

Wrap-around Care

Intervention Services

There are many reasons why a child may struggle to learn in the classroom. Whether it’s a difference in learning style, challenges in executive functioning skills, anxiety, and/or depression, the Educational Psychologists at Green Leaf are here to help! A successful education includes more than academics. Anxiety, executive functioning skills, and behavioral problems can all interfere with a child's success in school. At Green Leaf our clinicians are able not only to help understand what's going on, but also provide the interventions necessary to improve the situation. Our clinicians will work across home and school settings to develop a collaborative behavioral plan to address your child's challenges. We will work directly with your child to help him/her develop strategies to be successful in the classroom!

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Ongoing consultation​

If you need an ongoing resource to support your child's educational journey, we're here to help. Our clinicians are available to help your family navigate the educational system to get your child's needs met! Our approach is always collaborative and never confrontational. 

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