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Science in Practice

At Green Leaf, we're here to help you and your family thrive! We're committed to providing easy access to high-quality services. Our team model and science-backed approach help us achieve excellence in clinical care and client experiences. We're confident you'll find our staff warm, friendly, and compassionate. Don't wait another day to start changing your life! 

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No long wait-times

Coordinated services

Comfortable, welcoming environment

Understanding, knowledgeable clinicians 

Evidence-based interventions that work!


At Green Leaf, we specialize in evidence-based treatment. That means we use assessment and therapy methods that have been shown, through research, to be effective. Our services are goal directed. Your Green Leaf clinician will learn about what's been going on and what you hope to achieve. You will then work together to make a plan. Throughout therapy we monitor progress to make sure we're on track. 

Research shows that the relationship clinicians have with their clients is an essential ingredient for  therapy to be successful. Creating a safe place where you feel heard and understood is our top priority. 

Traditional Library

Goal focused treatment

Progress Monitoring

Effective strategies

Empathetic and skilled clinicians 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Exposure Response Prevention

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Compassion Focused Therapy

Approach to Treatment

Group Practice

When you work with a Green Leaf clinician, you get the backing of the whole team. In an effort to support our top goal of excellence in clinical care, we have weekly team meetings.  This is a time when clinicians can ask questions, share ideas, and find support. Our team environment provides clients wrap-around care so there's always a Green Leaf clinician available to address whatever need may arise for your family. Working in a group setting keeps our clinicians connected with the latest developments in clinical research.  

In a Meeting

Secure Video Calls

In-line with our core values, Green Leaf continues to offer our clients high-quality, evidence-based therapy, both in-person and over videoconferencing. In an effort to increase access to care, the application of therapy over videoconferencing platforms, or “telehealth” as it’s commonly referred to, has been a focus of research for years. What we’ve found is that therapy via videoconferencing is just as effective as in-person therapy! Some interventions are even MORE effective over video conferencing than in person!


With everyone at home together, all the time, we know finding a private place to talk is a challenge. We get it. We’re not fancy. We’re happy to talk to you wherever you can find a place, even if that’s a closet, bathroom, pantry, or safely parked car. If you do experience an interruption, that’s okay, we understand. To help, we offer flexible scheduling options, including later evening and weekend appointment times.

Working From Home

“I’m pleased by my clients’ ability to virtually express their emotions, access technology, and continue to work toward their treatment goals. I have enjoyed learning new, creative tools to utilize as our industry moves toward supporting clients remotely. While teletherapy has been used to access clients for many years, I am hopeful that this shift will lead to families and children with various barriers surrounding travel to access the services they require for years to come.”
- Green Leaf Clinician

“Video-conferencing has been an asset in supporting my clients move toward their therapeutic goals! We are able to discuss variables that may not have otherwise been noticed and provide insight into the importance of their physical environments, especially during the quarantine ordinance.”

- Green Leaf Clinician

Tech Support

Got a tech problem? Call Dave! David McCollum oversees technology, data security, and facilities at Green Leaf. He strives to create an easy, efficient experience for our clients. He is passionate about safety and employs the highest standards to protect the privacy of our clients and ensure all processes meet and exceed HIPAA guidelines. He leverages technology to provide clients easier access to necessary information and ensure excellence in clinical care through cutting-edge data collection and analysis. With the transition to 100% video-based services, Dave is providing services directly to our clients to assist in their ability to connect at the highest video quality.

Group Practice
Secure Video Calls
Core Values

Core Values

At Green Leaf we are driven by our top values, excellence in clinical care for our clients and creating a professional home for our clinicians. Whether it’s choices directly related to the care of our clients or business decisions affecting our day to day practices, the team at Green Leaf always keeps clinical care as the foremost priority. Green Leaf clinicians have the support they need to customize, and therefore optimize, the client’s experience. Unlike so many other healthcare settings these days, at Green Leaf, clinicians and their clients together drive decisions in clinical care without third party influence.


At Green Leaf, we value our clinicians and strive to develop lasting and enduring relationships in our team. Every clinician is hand-selected after a rigorous interview process. Clinicians are chosen based on the the unique set of skills they bring to the team and their dedication to evidence-based care. Part of creating a professional home is providing opportunities for clinicians to grow and learn, which means collaboration and access to ongoing training. A long-term work environment requires that individuals have balance between their work and personal lives. At Green Leaf we celebrate and embrace family. Green Leaf clinicians are able to set their own schedule and hours. This allows clinicians to bring their best selves to their work. Clients benefit when clinicians collaborate and work together. We value our weekly team meetings and team building events. We’re proud of the friendly and supportive atmosphere we’ve developed. Genuine and authentic relationships among team members is a key component in helping clinicians achieve our shared value of excellence in clinical care.

Jennifer L. McCollum, Ph.D.

As the Director, Jennifer oversees the care of clients at Green Leaf. She is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals and families to receive quick access to exceptional services in a warm, friendly environment. Jennifer has spent over 20 years studying and working in the field of psychology. The majority of her training and work experience has been at the cutting edge of clinical research. She earned her Ph.D. at the research-focused clinical program at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her training and work experiences include placements at Drexel University, College of Medicine, the San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Portland VA Healthcare Centers, and Stanford University Medical Center. She brings her vast range of clinical experiences to the team at Green Leaf. She is committed to connecting the clinicians at Green Leaf with the most current and up-to-date approaches to treatment.


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