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Portal Links

(Current Clients Only)

Client Portal

Sign consent forms and intake paperwork

View invoices and superbills

Make payments

View upcoming appointments

Upload documents to your clinician

When you become a new client at Green Leaf, you will receive an email from the client portal with a link to the necessary intake forms to start therapy. Please make sure to have these forms completed before your first appointment. 

Moving forward, you can access the client portal at any time to view your upcoming appointments, update your billing information or download invoices. Click on the provided link above, enter your email, and the portal will email you a passwordless link. 

Assessment Portal

Complete initial questionnaires at start of therapy

Fill out weekly surveys to track your progress overtime

Provide session feedback

At Green Leaf, we practice evidence-based care. We record baseline measures and then track your progress over time in our assessment portal to ensure you're meeting your goals. This allows for a more effective and personalized treatment process. The assessment portal sends a link to your preferred device for ease and convenience. 

Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our admin staff if you are having trouble accessing the portal links or if you have not received an invite. We are happy to help! Call us at (925) 386-6037, email or submit a contact form by clicking the link below.

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