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Natalie Steffen

Assessments - Kids and Families

Natalie Steffen, M.Ed.

Assessment Team Manager

Licensed Educational Psychologist

CA License LEP 3587


Meet Natalie

Natalie has been helping children thrive in their academic setting for over 20 years. Whether in her former placements on school campuses or now here at Green Leaf, she works with children to identify their challenges and then collaborates with parents and educators to create a comprehensive treatment plan to fit the individual needs of the child. Natalie uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT) to help children cope with anxiety, increase their confidence, make positive behavior changes, and develop their executive functioning skills.

As the manager of our assessment team, Natalie oversees the standardized assessments conducted at Green Leaf. She has a passion for using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge instruments to develop a comprehensive understanding of a child’s unique learning style and then uses these data to directly inform recommendations and interventions.

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