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Sandra Concannon

Kids and Families - Adults - Couples- Assessments

Sandra Concannon, M.A.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

CA License 52807


Meet Sandra

Sandra Concannon has been working with adults, children, and families for over 10 years. Here at Green Leaf, Sandra works with clients of all ages. Sandra treats mood and anxiety disorders in both adults and children and she helps individuals adjust to transitions, improve their friendships and family relationships. With younger clients, Sandra works with the whole family. She works directly with parents to teach them how to respond to their child’s emotional experiences and develop their child’s healthy behaviors. Sandra has a specialty focus helping young adults develop independence and transition into adulthood. Sandra draws from evidence-based treatments including CBT, DBT, ERP and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. She is also experienced in using mindfulness techniques in her practice. Sandra is passionate about helping people cope with anxiety and build confidence to achieve their goals!

Sandra is a member of our assessment team and is skilled in conducting Educationally Related Mental Health Assessments. She works with families and schools to implement the recommendations of these evaluations.

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