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We all feel down and blue at times. It can be hard to know whether it's a passing feeling or a more persistent period of a depressed mood. Similarly fear and anxiety are normal parts of the human experience, but sometimes these feelings can be so overwhelming, they get in the way of living the lives we want. At Green Leaf, our clinicians can help you understand your experiences and come up with a plan to address them. Green Leaf takes a multi-prong approach to treating depressions and anxiety by addressing both cognitive and behavioral aspects. We will teach you skills to move through difficult and painful emotions and work with you to develop plan for engagement in healthy meaningful activities so you bring more enjoyment into your experiences.

At Green Leaf we know that anxiety doesn't get better by avoiding it or making ourselves feel safe. We teach our clients how to be brave and tolerate feeling anxious or afraid so they can do the things that they find valuable and meaningful in their lives. Often we use exposure and response prevention (ERP) strategies to build bravery. This strategy helps our clients build a list of challenges and, step-by-step, we overcome fears!

Jack Lindquist

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Melissa Weik

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Charlie Crockett

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Robin Criner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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