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Difficulties at School

There are many reasons why a child may struggle to learn in the classroom. Whether it’s a difference in learning style, challenges in executive functioning skills, anxiety, and/or depression, the Educational Psychologists at Green Leaf are here to help! A successful education includes more than academics. Anxiety, executive functioning skills, and behavioral problems can all interfere with a child's success in school. At Green Leaf our clinicians are able not only to help understand what's going on, but also provide the interventions necessary to improve the situation. Our clinicians will work across home and school settings to develop a collaborative behavioral plan to address your child's challenges. We will work directly with your child to help him/her develop strategies to be successful in the classroom!

Sandra Concannon

Therapist, LMFT


Kate Hannon

Therapist, ASW


Danielle Wilson

Educational Psychologist


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