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Private therapy

Behavioral Health 

Behavioral Health is the intersection between physical health and psychological well-being. ​At Green Leaf, we are acutely aware of the interconnection between mind and body. When we feel bad physically, due to fatigue, pain, or illness, this effects our emotional well-being. Similarly, our mental health, through stress, anxiety, loneliness, or depression, impacts our physical health. At Green Leaf we help our clients achieve whole mind-body wellness.

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Whether you've been newly diagnosed, have no evidence of disease, or preparing for end of life we're here to help you on your journey. People often have overwhelming emotions when learning about their diagnosis. Other times, treatment happens so quickly, people don't get a chance to address their feelings until after they have recovered. A cancer diagnosis may adjust how you think about your life, relationships, and future. Often people are faced with making difficult lifestyle changes. They may find it hard to change their daily lives or grieve letting go of activities they love or a future they had hope for. Even when there is no evidence of disease, people are often plagued with fear at the thought of recurrence. Whether it's moving through difficult emotions, learning how to live differently, or making final preparations, at Green Leaf our behavioral health specialists are experienced and can support you at all stages of illness. 

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Chronic Conditions

Sometimes we have medical conditions that don't resolve quickly. They may compromise our ability to live our lives normally by making us tired or causing us pain. Other times doctors may not be able to provide a medical explanation for the symptoms you're experiencing. This can leave people feeling lost, confused, and frustrated. We're here to help you. We create a non-judgmental, safe space for you to process grief and learn to live in a new way. Addressing stress and anxiety may improve your symptoms and we'll help you learn to live a meaningful life with the symptoms you still have. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 

Chronic Pain



Other autoimmune disorders

Functional Neurological Disorders

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Health Anxiety

Our health can be a source of worry and concern. It may be difficult to not know if our bodies are healthy, or will remain healthy in the future. Sometimes the symptoms we experience can be troublesome and disruptive to our lives. We will teach you skills to manage your symptoms and health-related worries so you can engage in the activities you love. 

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Medical conditions don't affect just the patient, they impact the whole family. Caring for a loved one can be physically and emotionally taxing. It's important for caregivers to have their own supports and a safe place to talk about their feelings so they can find balance and continue to meet the needs of others day after day in a way that's sustainable.

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Lifestyle Changes

From heart disease to diabetes, there are many different reasons people need to make lifestyle changes. Making changes to our behavior is harder than simply "making the right choice." We specialize in behavior change. We can help you increase your motivation, plan ahead, and maintain your new behavior for the duration. 

Healthy Cooking

Diet changes

Increase exercise and activity

Medication adherence

Decrease your stress

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People often think of grief in the context of losing a loved one. Indeed the death of a family member or close friend can be life-altering and overwhelming. However, grief happens at other times as well. Anytime we're faced with saying good-bye, to a job, a person, a place, or even when you have to let go of the hope for something you expected to come in the future, there is grief. At Green Leaf, we can help you say good-bye. We can provide support and guidance to help you move through painful emotions, in a healthy way, so the hurts subsides and you're able to successfully move into the next chapter.  For those who are nearing end of life, we can help you and your loved ones move through this time with intention, consistent with your values.

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