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Jennifer McCollum

Adults - Behavioral Health

Jennifer L. McCollum, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License PSY 23758


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer's specializes in working with adults with mood and anxiety disorders, with a particular emphasis on women's wellness and behavioral health. As her role at Green Leaf has shifted, she no longer accepts new patients but remains an active member of the clinical team and provides regular consultation on the application of evidence-based practices in these areas. 

Temple University

Drexel University, College of Medicine

San Francisco VA Medical Center

Palo Alto VA Healthcare System

Portland VA Healthcare System

Stanford University Medical Center

When working with our clients it's so important to take a comprehensive view and look at the individual's total health and wellbeing. Our mental health is so interconnected with our physical health, we can't consider one without the other. I'm passionate about making mental health care relatable and accessible. I'm particularly committed to the mental and physical health needs of women. From perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, to parenting demands, and impossible societal and occupational expectations, many of the issues women face continue to be underrepresented in mainstream culture. I hope to provide a safe place to address these challenges, and  learn skills to more successfully navigate these hardships. 

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