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Private therapy

Kids and Families

We are here for you and your family. Working with kids means working with parents. We provide wrap around care to make sure the whole family gets what they need. Our clinicians will collaborate with you to structure services for your unique situation. 

Happy Family

Big Emotions

Whether it's anxiety, sadness, or anger, we're here to help you and your child develop healthy ways to cope with big feelings. We create a space for your child to process their emotions and give you the tools you need to know how to respond in difficult moments. 

Image by Jordan Whitt

Behavior Change

One of our main jobs as parents is to teach our children appropriate and effective behaviors. Sometimes this can be hard to do. Green Leaf clinicians are trained in cutting-edge behavioral therapy techniques. We help your child develop strategies to get their needs met appropriately and teach you how to respond to problem behaviors at home, in the moment, so your family can have more pleasant interactions!

We help your child learn to:

Be brave when feeling anxious, shy, or afraid

Express feelings without tantruming

Transition tasks more smoothly

Engage in play with friends

Kids in Preschool


Whether it's relationships with friends or families, learning how to have healthy interactions with others is an important developmental task. We can work with your family to improve their interactions with each other at home and help your child cope with difficulties or challenges in their relationships with friends. Sometimes kids struggle with forming friendships. Our child specialists can break down this hard task into manageable steps so your child can build success! 

Family Picnic
Three Friends


Developing one’s identity- who we are, what we value, who we love- is an important developmental task. At Green Leaf we work with kids, teens, and young adults to help them learn about and embrace who they are. For kids who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, gay, or bi-sexual this can be confusing and difficult for both kids and families. We’re here to provide help and support. We believe in helping children develop their own sense of self and work with families to create loving and supportive environments.

Pride Holding Hands

Executive Functioning

Success depends not only on academics but also non-academic factors commonly referred to as executive-functioning skills. These skills are essential for a child to be successful in the classroom as well as life beyond school. Whether it's due to ADHD, deficits in executive functioning, or not, these areas are often challenging. Sometimes they improve with time, but in other cases, children need to learn specific strategies and approaches to learn these skills. Green Leaf clinicians are well-acquainted with the classroom setting and can help your child learn strategies to master these skills! 

Executive Functioning Skills:

Planning Ahead

Self Control


Focus and Attention

Reading Student


Excellence in physical performance involves both mind and body. Anxiety and distractions can keep an athlete from reaching his/her potential. The field of sports psychology teaches athletes skills to train their thinking and self talk, build focus, and manage stress. Control over one's mental processes leads to increased control over one's physical body. Challenging harmful beliefs, building positive self talk, identifying personal values, and mindfulness are key components of sports psychology.

Meet The Team

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Becky Toft


Sandra Concannon

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Kate Hannon


Kiani Alba

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Danielle Wilson

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Lauren Bruhn


Jack Lindquist

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Melissa Weik


Natalie Steffen

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Charlie Crockett

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Merrielle Chevalblanc

Baseball Players

Maximize your performance:

Increase consistency

Manage nerves

Build confidence

Increase commitment and motivation

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