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Fees and Insurance


Green Leaf is a self-pay practice, meaning clients are solely responsible for the full cost of service fees at the time of their appointment. Please note that the fees for therapy vary by therapist. Green Leaf's rates are comparable to other outpatient mental health providers in the Bay Area.  


Green Leaf does not contract directly with any insurance company. Therefore, we are an "out-of-network" provider and do not accept direct payments from insurance companies.
However, certain health insurance policies will provide some coverage for “out of network” mental health treatment. Clients can request receipts of payment ("Superbills") and submit them to their insurance company to seek full or partial reimbursement. You must provide payment directly to Green Leaf before submitting a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company.

Because not all clinical services are covered by every insurance provider, it is important that you find out exactly what mental health services your insurance policy covers at the outset of therapy.


Upon request, Green Leaf will issue monthly Statements for Insurance Reimbursement, or “Superbills” to you, that you can submit to a health insurance company. Please be aware that this statement contains information regarding your treatment (e.g., diagnosis, session type, fees). Your clinician will be able to tell you what specific information will be included on your Superbill. Please be advised, claims for missed appointments cannot be submitted.

Out-of-Network Benefits

To learn more about your out-of-network coverage for psychotherapy, contact your insurance company and ask the following questions:

  • Is there coverage for out-of-network providers? Is it partial or full reimbursement?

  • What is my deductible? (The amount you must pay first before you are eligible for reimbursement)

  • How much do you reimburse for the following CPT codes? 
    90791 - Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation (intake appointment)

          90837 - 60 min therapy

          90834 - 45 min therapy

          90832 - 30 min therapy

          90846 - Family therapy, without patient present (i.e. parent session without child)

          90847 - Family therapy, with patient present

Even if you have out-of-network benefits, services may not be reimbursable for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following: specific diagnosis, length and/or frequency of sessions, location and/or delivery of services, and/or levels of clinician licensure (i.e., fully licensed vs. associate-level clinicians). Please contact your member services for further information about your specific reimbursement rates and policies.

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