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Educational Consultations


Does my child need more support at school? 

Does my child have a learning disability?

Should we move to a different school? 

How does my child learn best?

Are my child's current supports at school enough?

Is my child properly diagnosed?

Does my child need educational testing?

The first step in understanding your child's approach to learning is a Educational Consultation. In this one-time, no obligation consultation, Licensed Educational Psychologist, Natalie Steffen, will sit down with you, learn about your child's educational history and hear your questions and concerns. She will provide her expert opinion as well as recommendations for next steps, including both publicly available and private options, and help you formulate a plan.

What's an IEE? 

An Independent Educational Evaluation, or IEE, is an evaluation performed by an independent expert to help determine the educational needs of a child. We can help you decide if an IEE is right for you! 

Educational Services

At Green Leaf, we recognize that educational success and emotional health go hand in hand. Green Leaf clinicians consider the child's total experience and our expert clinicians seamlessly integrate both mental health and educational services. It is essential to understand how our children learn in order to structure their learning environment to maximize their educational experience. At Green Leaf we take the guess work out of the educational process and help you get the answers you and your child are looking for! 

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Intervention Services

There are many reasons why a child may struggle to learn in the classroom. Whether it’s a difference in learning style, challenges in executive functioning skills, anxiety, and/or depression, the Educational Psychologists at Green Leaf are here to help! A successful education includes more than academics. Anxiety, executive functioning skills, and behavioral problems can all interfere with a child's success in school. At Green Leaf our clinicians are able not only to help understand what's going on, but also provide the interventions necessary to improve the situation. Our clinicians will work across home and school settings to develop a collaborative behavioral plan to address your child's challenges. We will work directly with your child to help him/her develop strategies to be successful in the classroom!

School Bus & Children

Ongoing consultation​

If you need an ongoing resource to support your child's educational journey, we're here to help. Our clinicians are available to help your family navigate the educational system to get your child's needs met! Our approach is always collaborative and never confrontational. 

Psychoeducational Testing

When a child is struggling to perform their best at school, psychoeducational testing can help us understand where the barriers to learning are. Psychoeducational testing assesses many different areas, and gives us a road map to see where your child is excelling and struggling. By isolating the troublespots we can make a plan to help! We can utilize the child's strengths to aid in learning. All testing comes with custom recommendations, addressing your child's needs, ready to fit in a home and classroom setting!  

Ready for School

We Assess: 

  • Cognitive functioning

  • Social-Emotional wellbeing

  • Academic Achievement

  • Memory

  • Executive functioning skills

    • Attention

    • Processing Speed

    • Impulse control

Educational Therapy

What is Educational Therapy?

Educational Therapy is 1:1 support that teaches learners how to learn. Unlike traditional tutoring that provides instruction on a specific content area, like math or science, Educational Therapy takes into account the individual needs and thinking style of the learner, and then customizes strategies or approaches to learning. Educational therapy uses a holistic  approach to address learning differences and reorganize thinking patterns. By learning how to learn, the individual is able to build confidence in their own abilities and become more effective in their classroom or workplace setting.

Math Tutoring

Treatment Targets:

  • Organizational Strategies

  • Approaches to Reading

  • Time Management

  • Attention and Focus

  • Self-control

  • Project management skills

We work with:

* Dyslexia


* Autism Spectrum Disorder

* Anxiety

* Learning Disabilities

* Reading Development

* Executive Functioning Deficits

* 2E

Online Education

Meet The Team


Natalie Steffen

Educational Consultations

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Educational Therapy

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