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Whatever challenge you're facing, we're here for you. This is your space to find support and take the steps to make your life better. At Green Leaf, we are proud to serve all adults - men, women, or gender non-conforming. We serve all ages and are keenly aware of the unique challenges adults face at different time points in their lives.

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We all feel down and blue at times. Whether it's a passing mood or a more persistent period of depression, Green Leaf is here to help. Whether you are grieving the loss of someone or something you love or transitioning through a significant life change, our clinicians are here to help you through. We will work with you to develop healthy daily activities and teach you skills to move through difficult and painful emotions. All of our clinicians are trained in mindfulness skills and incorporate these strategies into the work we do. 

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Generalized Anxiety/worry

Social Anxiety Disorder/shyness

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks

Specific Fears/Phobias

Anxiety can show up in our lives in many different ways. Despite these different presentations, anxiety can be debilitating and keep us from engaging in our lives. At Green Leaf we know that anxiety doesn't get better by avoiding it or making ourselves safe. We teach our clients how to be brave and tolerate feeling anxious or afraid so they can do the things that they find valuable and meaningful in their lives. Often we use exposure and response prevention (ERP) strategies to build bravery. This strategy helps our clients build a list of challenges and, step-by-step, we overcome fears!

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The journey through life is marked by seasons. Whether it's transition to adulthood, marriage, parenthood, or an empty nest, many times in our lives we find ourselves on the brink of a new beginning. Even though this may be a welcome change, transitions are as much letting go of the past as they are welcoming the future. 

Young adults in their 20's face many challenges and obstacles as they transition into adulthood. Twenty-somethings often face big life decisions that set the course for years to come. Young people today are facing unprecedented challenges that no generation before has had to face. We work with our clients to make a plan for success and teach them strategies to identify what's important and make decisions that move them towards their goals.

The "golden years" are another time of life that's characterized by many transitions. This is a time when people often experience changes in career, family structure, living environment, and/or physical health. While many of these new circumstances can be exciting and beneficial, large scale changes pose an increased risk for depression and anxiety. Green Leaf clinicians will teach you how to process emotions, find meaning and value, and structure your day to achieve it! 

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health is the intersection between physical and psychological health. ​At Green Leaf, we are acutely aware of the interconnection between mind and body. When we feel bad physically, due to fatigue, pain, or illness, this effects our emotional well-being. Similarly, our mental health, through stress, anxiety, or depression takes a toll on our physical health. At Green Leaf we help our clients achieve whole mind-body wellness.

Our health can be a source of worry and concern. It may be difficult to not know if our bodies are healthy, or will remain healthy in the future. Sometimes the symptoms we experience can be troublesome and disruptive to our lives. We will teach you skills to manage your symptoms and health-related worries and engage in the activities you love. 


Functional Neurological Disorders

Chronic Health Conditions

Lifestyle Changes

Health Anxiety



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Pregnancy and Post-partum

Perinatal depression and anxiety 

The time-period during pregnancy and for the first year that follows is referred to as the "perinatal" period. Although Postpartum depression is more commonly known, anxiety during the perinatal period is just as common. This time is characterized by tremendous biological, psychological, and social change. New moms often may feel down, anxious, and/or alone. We help moms get their needs met, teach them how to enjoy their time with their children, feel good about themselves, and demonstrate healthy habits to their kids!

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

At times, families are faced with the pain of losing a pregnancy or child. You can get through this. We're here to help. Our clinicians are skilled at helping moms and families move through the grief process and, when they're ready, make decisions about next steps. You don't have to go through this alone.

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