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Private therapy


Our most intimate relationships can bring us intense joy and satisfaction. However, when those relationships are strained through conflict or distance, they can be intensely painful. Strife in the relationship with our romantic partner can feel overwhelming, isolating, and hopeless. We teach couples how to communicate what they feel and ask for what they want from each other, in a way that is kind and effective so that each partner can feel heard and understood. We help partners work through deep hurts and teach them to strategize and problem-solve together so they can learn to collaborate and work as a team to take on tough challenges.

Loving Couple

Family Building

Families are built in many ways. At Green Leaf, we're here to support couples who choose to use assisted reproductive technologies to build their families, whether that's due to medical infertility or by choice. We create a space to grieve losses, make thoughtful decisions collaboratively, assist in evaluations and consultations, and help your family build their identity. Our team approach integrates our child and family clinicians to provide your family wrap-around care. 

Mothers and their Baby

We provide:

  • Donor Evaluations

  • Gestational Carrier Evaluations

  • Intended Parent Consultations

  • Infertility Counseling

  • Family support for child identity development


The relationship between parents is the foundation for the family, directly impacting all other relationships. The largest influence on parenting styles is the strategies our own parents used. Blending two different parenting styles can be challenging. At Green Leaf our clinicians use science to guide our parents and teach them the approaches that research has shown to be most effective in raising happy, successful kids!

Special Needs

Many parents are raising children who need care above and beyond what is typical. Whether physical or psychiatric in nature, caring for special needs can be overwhelming and isolating. At Green Leaf, we provide a supportive environment that can help parents develop a healthy relationship with their emotional experiences, work through tough decisions, and put into practice practical and realistic plans.  We work collaboratively with other clinicians in the treatment team to ensure that everyone's efforts are aligned to meet the needs of the family as a whole.


Approach to Care

We come to know our partners so well and our communication styles are so automatic, that we sometimes find ourselves deep in problematic patterns with lighting speed! At Green Leaf we help couples slow-down and become aware of how they relate to each other. Our couples clinicians at Green Leaf draw from evidence-based interventions including:

  • Gottman

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Integrative-Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT)

Senior Couple

Green Leaf is a safe space. We serve all families, relationship structures, and lifestyles. Our clinicians have strong ties with the LGBTQ+ community and care deeply able the well-being and unique needs of its members.

Meet The Team


Sandra Concannon


Robin Criner

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Becky Toft


Jack Lindquist

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