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Behavioral Health is the intersection between physical and psychological health. ​At Green Leaf, we are acutely aware of the interconnection between mind and body. When we feel bad physically - due to fatigue, pain, or illness - it affects our emotional well-being. Similarly, our mental health - whether it's stress, anxiety, or depression - takes a toll on our physical health. Many time we experience physical health conditions that are aided by psychological interventions. Other times we need help coping with or processing an illness or medical conditions. Common conditions we see at Green Leaf include:



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Functional Neurological Disorders

Chronic Health Conditions

Recommended Lifestyle Changes

Health Anxiety

Caregiving​ Stress

We work with our clients to learn skills and strategies to manage their conditions well as how to process and move through painful emotions so they can achieve the mind-body wellness they're looking for!

Jennifer McCollum

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Lafayette and Orinda

Jack Lindquist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Melissa Weik

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Robin Criner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Virtual Only

Becky Toft

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Charlie Crockett

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Merrielle Chevalblanc

Associate Social Worker


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