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Prenatal Mood/Anxiety

The time-period during pregnancy and for the first year that follows is referred to as the "perinatal" period. Although Postpartum Depression is most commonly known, anxiety during the perinatal period occurs just as often.  This time of life is characterized by tremendous biological, psychological, and social change. When working with new moms, Green Leaf clinicians take into account the unique features of this phase of life. New moms may feel down, anxious, and/or alone. Often, these feelings may come as a surprise as parenthood is often something we look forward to. It can be confusing to feel badly during at time that was expected to be joyful. We help moms learn to understand their experiences, get their needs met, and manage their symptoms so they can experience more joy with their children and feel good about themselves.

Jennifer McCollum

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Lafayette and Orinda

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