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Jennifer McCollum

Lafayette and Orinda

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Jennifer McCollum, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License #23758

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer has over 20+ years of experience in the field of psychology. She has received training in CBT, DBT, and ACT, as well as many other evidence-based treatment interventions from some of the most respected academic institutions in the country. At Green Leaf, she brings her extensive experience directly to families in the Lamorinda area. As the Owner and Director, Jennifer oversees all clinical services at Green Leaf to ensure that all cases are thoughtfully considered and the highest standards in evidence-based care are applied.

In her clinical work with clients, Jennifer specializes in working with adult women. She is particularly skilled at working with women suffering from mood and/or anxiety disorders, parenting challenges, life dissatisfaction, and/or medical conditions. Jennifer helps people manage their emotions so they can develop confidence in their experiences and make decisions that lead them to live lives that maximize satisfaction and meaning. As a lifetime resident and mother of 2 in the Lamorinda community, she is particularly attuned to the unique cultural nuances of the Lamorinda area.

Prior training and occupational affiliations:

Stanford University Medical Center - Medical Staff, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Temple University - Ph.D. - Clinical Psychology

Portland VA Medical Center - Psychology Intern

San Francisco VA Medical Center - Research Assistant

Palo Alto VA Medical Center, Menlo Park - Practicum Student

Drexel University, College of Medicine - Practicum Student

UC Berkeley - Research Assistant

UC Santa Barbara - BA, Psychology

I believe that everyone has within them their own internal compass. Each individual has the knowledge and information they need to chart the course that brings their life the most meaning and satisfaction. It's my job to help each individual access the wisdom they can find within them, through the experiences of their day to day life. -Jennifer

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